What does a dream week in Provo look like?

My name is Archie and I have been a villa specialist With TC Villas for about 3 years now! One of the biggest perks of working with a luxury villa rental company is the obligation to view and test our beautiful villas. (It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it!) In this blog post, I’ll go over my experience with paradise (Provo). 

Day 1: Arrival and Grocery Shopping

Our group flew from Puerto Rico, Atlanta, and Vancouver -all through direct flights, except Puerto Rico (which is ironically closest to Provo). When approaching Turks & Caicos through the skies, it quickly became apparent that this is was no ordinary island. The stunning and contrasting hues of blue as seen from far above are just a teaser of what’s to come. 

We arrived to a fully stocked villa (Aguaribay) as we had hired a catering company (Dining by Design) who delivered groceries prior to our arrival. It was a pleasant surprise to have cold drinks ready for us on arrival. 

We all could not believe how beautiful and spacious Aguaribay was! Everything had been arranged for a guest’s comfort. We had plenty of bottled water, towels, and though we had 10 guests at the villa, we felt we had a ton of space.

Day 2: Snorkeling with Barracudas and Sea Turtles

Watching the sky turn various shades of orange and pinks, gradually growing lighter until the sun’s ray started to peak on the horizon was one experience I will never forget! We drove to Smith’s Reef in Turtle Cove on Grace Bay Beach for some snorkeling. We saw a barracuda, sea turtles, and tons of rare fish. We enjoyed snorkeling for several hours and returned back to our villa for lunch and a nap.

That night we ate at Mr. Grouper’s and enjoyed what’s probaly the best coconut breaded fish I have ever tasted. We took pictures on the beach and returned home for an early sleep in preparation for a boating excursion the next day!

Day 3: Snorkeling Tour with Big Blue Collective

This was absolutely one of the main highlights of this trip. Captain Brent and Martia from Big Blue Collective tooks us to their favorite spots on their charter boat. We snorkeled a magical underwater world, saw a baby dolphin and his mom swimming around our boat (and even stopped to interact with them), and literally walked on water. Well, not quite literally -we visited a nearby cay with a strip of land over the ocean, much like a bridge. It was incredible! 

Private Villa or Resort – What is better for your Vacation?

Click on the image to find out all about it!

Day 4: Chalk Sound and Las Brisas

Chalk Sound is a Protected National Park of the Turks & Caicos -there is so much to do here! We arrived at Las Brisas Restaurant and sat down for a drink and a meal -the views here are phenomenal! We then hoped on a pontoon boat that took us accross the Sound. They showed us a sunken plane (with a really cool story behind it; I won’t spoil it for you) and Iguana Island where we hand-fed dozens of Iguanas. There are also centuries-old pirate carvings on the hills surrounding Chalk Sound! It was a great trekking adventure for the more adventourous in our group. 

Day 5: Dancing On Stage at the Fish Fry

Thursday morning we woke up for sunrise yoga and said goodbye to 3 friends as two more arrived. We had a wonderful maid service come by to clean and turn over the bedrooms for the newcomers. Thursday night was the island fish fry; we had so much fun eating the most delicious fish, drinking rum punch, and dancing. I even got on stage and danced!

Jet Ski the Crystal Waters of Turks and Caicos

There are many ways that you can enjoy the pristine waters of the Caribbean that surround the island, including snorkeling and yachting, but one of the most popular island pastimes is jet skiing

Day 6:  Once in a Lifetime Look of Glow Worms in the Ocean

On Friday, we enjoyed an incredible tour with Sun Charters -the Glow Worm tour! If you’ve not heard, hundreds of glow worms reach the surface of the water to mate. This mating act results in a magical display of bright colors over the night Provo sky. Truly, an unforgettable experience. 

Day 7: Letting the Sunset Rejuvenate Us

On Saturday we went to the south shore beaches Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay. We went to a beautiful sea cave on Taylor Bay for the sunset and had the most amazing time taking pictures. It was a wonderful way to end a super fun week in Turks and Caicos.

We all felt truly rested, restored, and ready to take anything on with all the beautiful energy we had cultivated together!

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