What to Know when Travelling to the Turks and Caicos

What could be better than a relaxing vacation in paradise? How about being perfectly prepared for all the quirks and charms of these small yet impressive islands? Turks and Caicos offer visitors iconic turquoise waters, powder-white sands, and plenty of memorable ocean activities -here are some preliminary tips and things to know about travelling to Turks and Caicos.

Geography 101: 

Turks and Caicos is a group of over 300 islands, mostly small and uninhabited islands but with 8 larger land masses. Providenciales is often called Provo for short and is home to the country’s international airport (PLS). The islands are East of Cuba and North of the Dominican Republic.

How to get there: 

A valid PASSPORT  is required. There are many direct flights from major American and Canadian cities (particularly from the East Coast), and even more flights which make stops in Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, and Houston. The airport code is PLS.

Taxi or rental car? 

Rental car. Though the island does offer taxi and shuttle services, we highly recommend a rental car for ease of transportation. Visiting remote beaches, eating at lovely beachfront restaurants, popping into the grocery store. These activities are best done with a rental car.

Do I need to bring cash or convert currency? 

The Turks & Caicos use US Dollar as currency, and most restaurants and shops accept credit cards. Some cash would be useful for purchasing souvenirs and such.

Packing List: 

For a full packing list, click here. Don’t forget sun protection as the Caribbean rays can be stronger than what you may be used to. Hats, sunscreen, long sleeve swim shirts (especially for children), and Aloe Vera are great items to pack! The island is very casual, so there is no need for high heels or suits. Bring loose fitting cotton clothing for comfort, and a light shawl for breezy evenings.

What is there to do in Provo? 

Though the island is only 23 miles wide, there is a plethora of fun activities, mostly centering around the beautiful beaches. Fishing, para-sailing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, yacht charters -the list goes on and on! The island also offers several casinos including a new non-smoking one, a golf course with tennis courts, and many delicious beach-side dining options.

It's a small island, know what that means: 

Accurate expectations for the island and the villas are our goal at TC Villas! Since the island is only 23 miles wide, some things are a bit different than what you may be accustomed to at home. For example, the internet tends to cut out while it rains, even at the nicest villas! The sands shifts constantly, so what may look like a rocky beach at high tide today may look like the most beautiful beach you’ve ever seen tomorrow. The waiter will likely take a while to bring you the bill, the grocery has higher prices due to import costs, and you may leave with a few mosquito bites. The beauty of these islands and the stunning sea are amazingly relaxing though, which is why we have so many repeat guests year after year!

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