Why travel to the Caribbean for your next holiday?

Featured in this image: Aguaribay and Villa Isla on Long Bay Beach.

Many factors go into picking a destination for your next trip including the time of year (shall we go skiing or become temporary beach bums?), budget, and convenience of travel. 

One reason the Caribbean is such a popular choice is that it’s a year-round destination.

Whether you’re looking to escape an icy Winter back home or take the kids on a school-break vacation, truth is, it’s always Summer weather in the Caribbean! Take your family or friends where the natural beauty of these tropical islands and waters can be enjoyed January-December. 

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TCI’s beaches are home to an abundant marine life. Perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.

One important factor in the cost of tickets (nobody’s driving to any Caribbean beach!). Nothing will ever beat the convenience of driving to your destination, but as we know, that limits you quite a bit as to how far away from home you’ll actually get to go. It’s a big world out there and so much to see. Go ahead and budget for airline tickets to get somewhere much more beautiful than anywhere you can drive. Depending on how far south and west you travel in the Caribbean, you are often just a couple of hours away from paradise from the Eastern side of the U.S. and once in the air, you can relax, read, or sleep. 

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Luckily direct flights exist from many major US cities to Caribbean islands, including the Providenciales International Airport (PLS) in Turks and Caicos. Flight cost comparison sites like kayak.com can be helpful in comparing prices and finding deals. 

Chalk Sound is shallow lagoon perfect for kayaking with the family.

When it comes to pricing for accommodations, costs can vary greatly.  Some islands cater to luxury travel; and thus offer higher prices accommodations. Other islands can offer a variety of pricing with some more budget-friendly options.  In fact, some islands offer rentals that are less than many Florida beaches.  Search around and  you can almost always find something in your budget, no matter what that budget is. Beachfront villas and hotels will always be priced significantly higher than properties set even one lot back from the beach, so a short walk to the beach might be considered in the interest of saving money.

Is the water in TCI really that blue? Click here to find out. (Spoiler alert, it is!)

Whether you want to relax and sit by the water with a good book or explore and try to see it all, there’s a lot to do in the Caribbean. 

Grace Bay Beach, the hallmark of the Turks & Caicos, is second to none.

The obvious choice is going SCUBA diving or snorkel a coral head, but most Caribbean islands have golf courses, local businesses to explore, and each has a slightly different culture, which is always fun to embrace.  Learning the history of the island you visit is always a great place to start.  That way, as you explore the island and see landmarks, it’s much more meaningful. Sit back and relax into a slower pace of life!

Villa Isla offers immediate access to Long Bay Beach.

Lastly, The Caribbean suits everyone. 

Unlike hiking tours in Europe or ski trips to resorts out West, young or old, extravagant or frugal, active or mellow, the Caribbean has something for everyone.  Maybe at your next dinner party, see how many people would turn down an invitation to the Caribbean?

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