Your Guide to Shopping in Provo

While Provo is not particularly known for its large shopping district or a multitude of souvenir shops on every corner, there are a number of small boutique and local stands where you can pick up anything from hand-made crafts to fresh seafood. In this blog post, we’ll share a few of our favorite spots to find what you’re looking for.

How to Pay:

Turks and Caicos use $US currency and most stores accept Visa and Mastercard. Some shops and restaurants do not accept American Express, but everyone accepts cash. Many of the best locally crafted paintings, jewelry, and other knick-knacks are offered at small stands and can only be purchased with cash.


There is a large American-style IGA supermarket that will most likely have what you need from fresh seafood to gluten-free bread and beyond. Groceries are comparatively more expensive than what you might be used to because everything is imported and a tariff is paid on it (there are no corn or wheat fields on this island!). Most groceries are about 1.5 times what we pay in the USA. You can also find sunscreen, snorkeling gear, pool floats, beach chairs, and sandcastle equipment at Graceway Gourmet.


The Wine Cellar is a great place to buy wines, liquors, and beer. The Wine Cellar closes at 6:00 pm so be sure to get there early! Keep in mind beer is much more expensive on island due to shipping costs. TCI does produce local beer (Turks Head Brewery) which is very tasty and comparatively cheaper than imported beer. The IGA and Graceway Gourmet also sell alcohol, including liquor.


The main shopping hub is located just inland of the large hotel and resort district, on Grace Bay Road. The Salt Mills Plaza offers a handful of boutiques and souvenir shops, including Anna’s Art Gallery and Blue Surf Shop. If you’re looking for a locally crafted gift, Konk Apparel offers sunglasses, T-shirts, hats, and other apparel. Many of the “locally crafted” paintings and souvenirs are actually made on the neighboring island of Haiti. There are several restaurants in the area, including Danny Buoys, one of the only late-night bars on the island.

Craft Stands:

Restaurants, festivals, or beach-side at resorts or hotels are a few places you can find craft stands selling trinkets and keepsakes. I enjoy the crafts at Da Conch Shack on Thompson Cove. Many of these stands sell painted or polished Conch Shells, but you need a permit to take a conch shell off the island. Airport customs will take the conch shell if they find it, and there will be no refund given for the purchased shell. You can find information on how to obtain a conch permit here.

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